The Letter Of The Law

The Letter of the Law is a 7-day-a-week summary, delivered by 7am, 362 days of the year by email. By curating the latest news, views and comment of relevance to the legal sector we bring the profession a targeted, well-written daily briefing enabling readers to digest only the most salient issues driving the media agenda first thing in the morning.

By making sense of abundance, our experienced editors ensure The Letter of the Law acts as a short ‘Breakfast Briefing’ allowing our clients the time to digest only what matters to them rather than getting submerged in media noise.

Larger firms see The Letter of the Law as an invaluable time-saving service, while small to mid-size legal practices nationwide regard it as a vital information tool where they may not have easy access to a wide range of information sources and curated news.

Annually: £225.00 (+VAT)

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What our clients say

"In a time of complexity and ever decreasing time availability, I find the Letter of the Law fast and easy to read."

DS Bal, Chairman, DBS

"The Letter of the Law is a reliable snapshot of the day’s legal news coverage. Its gentle early morning ping into our mailboxes is a much-valued reassurance that, whatever the global turmoil or uncertainty, our little world of legal news continues to turn. Some things matter – The Letter of The Law helps us decide which."

Melanie Riley, Director, Bell Yard Communications