Property Matters is a 7-day-a-week summary, delivered by 7am, 362 days of the year by email.

Our editors bring together, organise and interpret the day’s news, views and comments relevant to the residential, retail and commercial property sectors and to real estate professionals and consultants.

Property Matters is our fastest growing, subscription based news summary due to the ever-changing media landscape.

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What our clients say

"Property Matters has quickly become an essential part of the start to the day; catching up on topical events in the industry and providing a valuable source of general information that keeps me better informed and better able to provide our clients with a macro view of the market place."

Michael Garvey, Managing Director, Chandler Garvey

"I have subscribed to Property Matters for several years now. As a partner in a small practice specialising in construction law matters, it forms an invaluable resource, providing us with clear, up to date and succinct insights into the trends and developments in the property market. This in turn is one of the main drivers of the construction industry, so enables us to better understand the trends and pressures affecting our clients’ construction businesses."

Chris Wright, Managing Director, Christopher Wright & Co

"Property Matters and a cup of coffee is the perfect start to the day, allowing me to keep up to date with current news and providing opportunities for potential new business."

Bob Simonds, Business Development Director, SDL Property Management

"An invaluable business development tool."