How Newsletters increase ROI


Executive Summary.

Email Marketing remains a key weapon when it comes to staying on top of your customers’ minds. As decision cycles get shorter in a fast paced business environment, you risk being forgotten when your lead finally makes a purchase decision. Newsletters can help you boost email marketing roi, build your brand, gain authority in your domain, and help sales follow up with engaged leads

Your Key Take-aways.

  • Send regular newsletters, at least once every 2 months – ideally weekly
  • Make sure the content and quality reflects your brand
  • Better no newsletter, than a bad newsletter. But better 2 good newsletters, than 0 perfect newsletters


You don’t have a newsletter?

These face-melting email marketing statistics say you need one.

Seriously: A regular email newsletter to your customers will improve the uneven ROI you get as a result of not communicating with them as often as you should.

And there are plenty of other serious benefits, too.

For one thing, once customers have agreed to subscribe to your emails, they are far less likely to just toss your missives unopened. Also, by sending something that appears regularly in their inbox, you’re not just getting up front and personal with customers, but you’re staying relevant.

Adding news content to regular newsletter tools (either created  by us or using your own in-house tools) will drive engagement

Check out the infographic below for more on why a weekly email newsletter will increase engagement and ROI. And get in touch for more savvy tips….