How the NACFB delivers the news that matters to its Members



Engaging Clients and Members | An NACFB Case Study


Charles Webster

Try as you might to stay on top of it, we are all used to a newly refreshed inbox each morning, full of news about Netflix releases or holiday offers, clothing discounts or something that briefly had a flicker of interest years ago but is now long forgotten.  And that is without the slew of news sites and segregated information providers, firewalled publications and links that demand a mythical password.

One of the challenges facing any business or Association is how to keep in contact with clients and Members in a way that adds value to both parties. We therefore trust you enjoy the daily NACFB Morning Briefing, providing you with the latest news in commercial finance, regulation, compliance, and the wider business environment.  

Here at Early Morning Media, we partner with the NACFB to deliver their daily briefing. We cut through thousands of sources (of varying integrity and value) and deliver the salient events, developments and innovations that really set the agenda for your day. 

For a newsletter to fulfil its purpose to engage, inform and foster relationships, rather than be something else that just defaults into Spam, how do we collate the pertinent issues in this age of information overload?

We are a very person-heavy organisation. Yes, we have our own automated searches to bring the stories to our attention; however, that is where the work starts. From the outset, we worked closely with NACFB to define the brief – as well as categories and themes, key sources, optimum number of articles per day and, ultimately, to understand the audience.

The vast majority of our team work in editorial, and we have two editors dedicated to the NACFB service, ensuring consistency and continuity – hopefully it is difficult for the reader to tell which editor produced that day’s edition.

Our USP is the depth of the summaries we produce, giving the reader as full an understanding of the article as possible, yet also then linking through to the article in question should you wish to read the original (copyright allowing, of course!).  

Each evening, we are provided with the latest Association and Patron updates, which we include as we compile the edition overnight. Once completed, we move the content into an NACFB-branded, responsively designed template, to mirror their own branding and house style.  You will also notice that when you click the image at the top, you are directed to the latest online version of Commercial Broker, something that we update each month.

We like to think we are an extended part of the NACFB team; we are trusted to source and present agenda-leading content and work at a time when they can clock off for the day!

As seen in the October 2019 edition of Commercial Broker Magazine

If you would like to explore customised news briefing options that would really work for you and really engage your clients or members...then please get in touch with Dean or Tim